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Sanford Chamber of Commerce

We support the well centered Sanford Chamber of Commerce and its members. They work hard to help business start and grow in Lee County.


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Lee County Economic Development

Some of the worlds best known companies thrive in Lee County. Solid Transportation. World Class Work Force. Outstanding Training. And a exceptional Quality of Life. Contact Lee County Economic Development for more information.


Mertek works with EMS and customer needs determine what company handles the project. Mertek and EMS share a facility and employees.

Raleigh Exec Airport at Sanford Lee County

Mertek and customers fly use the easy access of the Raleigh Executive Airport.


Mertek Solutions Inc

We work with Mertek on all items. Mertek designs and builds automated assembly and test equipment. Some projects fit them and others fit MS.

Pedley Group

Pedley Group rent industrial property in Sanford. If you need space, give them a call.


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